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about BFit

BFit Dance Bollywood Fitness Founders and Instructors, Ashima Kodali and Seher Khanna
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Welcome to Charlotte’s hottest Bollywood dance fitness program!

BFit is a fun workout with simple, high-energy dance moves from South Asia and around the globe. Exciting Bollywood music forms the backdrop for this great cardio-fitness class. It’s designed to make you sweat and burn calories while having a lot of fun.

Our classes work every muscle in your body, in ways that you’re not used to. The steps are easy, designed for even the least coordinated among us to follow quickly. With each song having a maximum of only three to four steps, there is just enough repetition to tire the muscles, without getting boring. We are not a performance group, we don’t stop to perfect each small action, we stop only when the music stops, covering about 12-14 items per class. The goal is to keep you moving, sweating, and motivated throughout the 60 minutes!

  • Fun, full-body aerobic workout to Bollywood music
  • Burn calories while having a lot of fun!
  • Build strength, coordination & confidence!
  • All levels are welcome–no experience needed

Please have a look around our website & come try a class!

Seher Khanna

Seher Khanna - BFit Dance, Bollywood Fitness, FounderSeher’s passion for dance started when she was a child and took her first ballet lessons in Pakistan. Upon moving to the United States, she decided to continue her dancing career by learning Latin and Bollywood dancing.

Before Seher became a dance teacher, she focused most of her time on a career in management consulting. Having obtained a Bachelors degree in Economics and an MBA in Strategic Management, Seher started working as a Management Consultant. In 2004, she became a mother and decided to devote her spare time to dancing.

Looking for a fun way to incorporate her love for Bollywood music into fitness, Seher created “BFit Dance” along with her partner Ashima Kodali. She loves teaching others how to use dance to lift their spirits and maintain a healthy mind and body.

“In my classes, I always aim to offer a mix of South Asian tunes, both old and new, that will leave the class sweaty, but very happy!”BFit Dance t-shirts

Ashima Kodali

Ashima Kodali - BFit Dance, Bollywood Fitness, FounderBorn in India, before discovering her passion for dance, Ashima was initially interested in architecture and thus devoted a large part of her life to the field.

Ashima holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. For several years, she worked as a landscape architect in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2010, however Ashima decided to make a change in her life and focus on teaching dance-fitness.

Ashima’s dancing career started when she decided to learn Kathak, a Northern Indian classical form of dancing. Influenced by the inspiring music and dance styles of India, Ashima took part in a number of Bollywood performances throughout her life, in both India and US.

Ashima combined the dance knowledge acquired in India and her love of Indian culture with fitness moves in order to create a highly energized, fun and extremely effective dance-fitness program called “BFit Dance” or “Bollywood Fitness”.

“I am truly passionate about teaching and meeting people from a wide range of cultures. I aim to dedicate myself to making a difference in the physical and spiritual health of others.”

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